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• 12/21/2019

OA's Wiki has migrated. Please edit and visit The OA wiki at its new home linked below.

The OA Fandom Wiki has migrated. This page is defunct. Please edit and help the Wiki grow at its new home: https://savetheoa.fandom.com/wiki/The_OA_Wiki

The OA wiki here at this link was created in an experimental Community Builder platform which Fandom has abandoned, therefore updating this version of the wiki will be useless. It has a new home.

"the Community Builder experiment is officially being retired and we have removed the ability to create new Community Builder wikis. As we develop the new Fandom platform with its modern version of MediaWiki, we will also be migrating any active Community Builder wikis back to MediaWiki. We do not have a timeframe for this yet, though."


Fandom has suggested creating a brand new MediaWiki (classic Fandom Wiki). Which has now been done. https://savetheoa.fandom.com/wiki/The_OA_Wiki

Eventually the title will switch from 'savetheoa.fandom' to 'theoa.fandom'.

Fandom is retiring the Community Builder experiment
Fandom is retiring the Community Builder experiment Community Central
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• 8/11/2019


Sadly, The oa will not be making a third comeback for netflix and the second was its last
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• 5/18/2019

theories about s3 anyone ?

i'm really curious because of homer and oa and steve in the ambulance and if homers "dream" is gonna happen
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• 5/11/2019

Travelling through the Movements: 2 Variations

Well, I was about to ask about something that was still confusing me. Then I suddenly got It - or at least I think I got it and need confirmation about it:

One variation is that you travel alone when you are the sixth person surrounded by five 'movers' Human or as seen in the end of S2E8 or earlier when Elody travelledby robots performing the movements. The human movers stay in their dimension in this case.

The second: There are only five movers alone, sourrounding nobody who travel together.

Thats the difference, so far I got it.

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• 3/31/2019


On his wiki page it says that Buck is related to French, but how are they related? Is it a mistake or does anybody know how they're relayed?
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• 3/28/2019

The "BBA song" in Magic Mirror (S2E3) … mild spoiler

About 20 mins into this episode Buck is repeating what Rachel sang thru the mirror to his friends (which leads the to rejoin with BBA).

French: What Three notes are those, Buck?

Buck: B, B, A.

Although - they are not. He sings C, C, B♭ (B-flat)

Which is one semi-tone higher than Buck tells them.

I think it is kind of strange that Buck is actually singing the wrong notes. Brit Marling, who created the series, should be well aware of simple music theory since music is quite frequently occuring and the soundtrack is carefully chosen.

Also: when Rachel is "singing" in the episode's beginning they got the pitch right. Same when the church organ later plays the theme (although it is really only two notes, B and A).

Suppose it is a mistake, but why? (I cannot think of another explanation, however, when writing this I have only watches the first three episodes).

What do you think?

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• 3/28/2019


Does anyone else have a massive & AWESOME headache from binge watching Season 2? And can anyone else explain why the hell when OA is finally Russian Mobster Royalty...she doesn't just shoot HAP in the face??? Seriously WTF??? I am sick & tired of having to painstakingly watch his character kill, torture & manipulate the same amazing characters over & over! When she finally integrates with Nina doesn't anyone feel like the 1st thing Nina would be able to do is kill this creep??? If she can't do it with her eyesight, Nina's personality & resources... GIRLFRIEND IS NEVER GETTING IT DONE! He seems to be able to knock off anyone he likes in a split second...AAARRGGHHH!!! Oh well guess their going to milk the love story between Homer & OA for as long as possible! Whatever great Season REALLY ENJOYED IT...but completely unoriginal "star crossed lover" storyline that's been done to death! NO PUN INTENDED! Lol!

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• 2/2/2019

It's been so long... really hope Season 2 will actually come out later this year...!

When is The OA season 2 released on Netflix? Who is in the cast? What's going to happen?
When is The OA season 2 released on Netflix? Who is in the cast? What's going to happen? Radio Times
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• 11/28/2018

So why has there been such a loooong gap??

In case you've been wondering like me 🙂.

Where Is ‘The OA’ Season 2? Brit Marling Explains the Ambitious Reason New Episodes Are Taking So Long
Where Is ‘The OA’ Season 2? Brit Marling Explains the Ambitious Reason New Episodes Are Taking So Long IndieWire
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• 11/21/2018

Getting excited for Season 2? Here's everything you need to know!

The OA season 2: Everything you need to know
The OA season 2: Everything you need to know Digital Spy
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• 11/21/2018

Dr. Hap

How does he finance his studies and everything he's got in his isolated 'home'? All that energy, food, gas, water, the trips he makes, all that equipment he's got... It must cost quite a lot of money... but if he's always working on his studies and experiments, how does he make money to pay for all that???
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